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Lampemesteren has increased their time on site and average order value since using Flowbox.
Lampemesteren has increased their time on site and average order value since using Flowbox.

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UGC helps Lampemesteren expand globally

Danish-founded lamp retailer Lampemesteren is growing online and today has 12 local webshops. Using Flowbox’s platform for collecting and distributing user generated content (UGC) has helped the company scale internationally and build brand credibility. Their time on site and average order value has also increased significantly.

Lampemesteren, based in Ringkøbing, Denmark, gathers exclusive lamps from leading designers around the world and has one of Europe’s largest selection of lamps. The company has grown significantly in a short period of time and has expanded from 4 small webshops in 2016 to 12 large webshops today. The company also has 3 physical webshops in Denmark, but the main focus is currently on developing the online business.

“Our plan is to launch another one or two webshops during this year and in 2021. We want to continuously grow and become a leader in our niche, and so far we’re moving the right direction,” says Jørgen Bækgaard, Ecommerce Manager at Lampemesteren.

Growing online can be a challenge, and requires not only driving traffic but also finding ways to optimize and convert visitors into purchasing customers. Since June 2019, Lampemesteren has been using Flowbox’s platform for user generated content (UGC) to increase conversions on the website. By using Flowbox, Lampemesteren can utilize the content being shared on social media in a better way, as well as increase sales onsite.

“Previously, we had a lot of content on Instagram but couldn’t use it the way we wanted. We were looking for a platform that could make it possible to easily interact with UGC. The solution we had been using before couldn’t do what we wanted. When we found out what Flowbox could do with our content, we thought it was a great match.”

User generated content is now being shown on Lampemesteren’s start page, on product pages and on an inspiration page. It’s become a successful addition to the product images on the various local sites and shows visitors real life examples of how other people are using the products in their homes. To further optimize, Lampemesteren also split tested the position of the UGC flows.

“Everything about the placement of the flows that you see on our website is a result from split testing. We saw an increase in conversation rate where the flows are today,” says Jørgen Bækgaard.

Implementing the flows on the website has been a smooth journey as well.

“We’re very satisfied, cooperating with Flowbox has been great. We have a good dialogue with the client success team at Flowbox, they understand our business, which is important for us. If we have a question, they quickly answer.”

Since Lampemesteren started using Flowbox, their time on site on orders assisted by Flowbox has increased with over 40 percent. This has affected their SEO in a positive way, thus improving their ranking and website traffic. The average order value has also increased.

“The results are outstanding. Customers seem to find UGC more attractive than branded content. I think it’s because people want to know how other people use our products. Sometimes you can use a lamp as something else, or style it in a different way. People love getting inspiration like that. To see that other customers like our products and get an idea of how our lamps look in a real home gives more social proof than photos taken in a commercial environment. It’s easier to relate to.”

Jørgen Bækgaard also adds that using customer created content has had other positive side effects.

“Scaling internationally has been easier since we started using Flowbox. It has helped us build our brand credibility in general, because now we have user generated content from customers all over the world on our website.”

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Results in numbers
Sites seen per session: +25%
Time on site (on orders assisted by Flowbox): +44%
Average order value (on orders assisted by Flowbox): +5.5%

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