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​Kids Brand Store will use Flowbox’s new UGC DPA feature to enter new markets

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​Kids Brand Store will use Flowbox’s new UGC DPA feature to enter new markets

Flowbox is launching a new feature on the platform: UGC DPA (user generated content in dynamic product ads)! This feature will help brands to allocate more of their marketing budget from creation to distribution, improving the ad performance by showcasing product-specific user generated content in Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. The feature will enable brands to easily, quickly and automatically enrich their product catalogs with authentic and inspirational content from customers and influencers, ready to be utilized in prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

One of the first to try the UGC DPA feature out is Swedish online fashion retailer KidsBrandStore, who have been working with Flowbox for over two years. Their UGC strategy has involved a mix of content from their influencers as well as their customers, which has proven to be very successful for them. KidsBrandStore is also working with the digital marketing agency Precis Digital, where Digital Specialist Martin Arvidsson helps them with their performance marketing on mainly social media.

When we introduced KidsBrandStore to our new UGC DPA feature, they were immediately eager to try it out.

KidsBrandStore wanted to put UGC to the test, to see how much of a difference there actually is between using branded studio content vs. their user generated content. The results? Far above their expectations.

“When we are using UGC in organic social, the engagement is a lot larger, so my expectations for this test were sky high! I strongly believe in the power of authentic images,” says Malin Ganebro, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager at KidsBrandStore.

Because KidsBrandStore doesn’t produce and sell their own products, today they only resell other companies’ products, it’s quite difficult to build their own brand. However, influencer and user generated content help with that, as well as mediate social proof when entering new markets. They also see the new feature as a way to discover and communicate new fashion trends.

“There’s a high value in using authentic and relatable content from real people. I believe it can help us with our brand building, as well as mediate trust when entering new markets” says Malin Ganebro.

KidsBrandStore ran two campaigns, one with UGC and one with studio photos in order to be able to see how big the difference actually is between the two. The goal of the campaigns was also to increase conversion.

“We wanted to test the difference as accurately as possible, so instead of retargeting, we focused on prospecting “new” customers, aka. people who have not visited the site in the past 30 days,” says Martin Arvidsson, Digital Specialist at Precis Digital.

After the successful test run of the UGC DPA feature, KidsBrandStore have decided to take it to the next level, and start running on a larger scale with more markets, and more campaigns. The conversion rate goal was met with an increase of 18 percent, and using UGC DPA is from now on going to become the new standard of KidsBrandStore’s social media ad campaigns.

“I was so happy when I saw the results. We definitely don’t need to do another test - we are going to make using this feature the standard when we run all future retargeting ads,” says Malin Ganebro.

Using UGC featuring kids that show off their own personal styles with clothes from KidsBrandStore is helping them build their brand image - the teenagers are telling KidsBrandStore’s story for them.

Results in numbers:
26% increase in return of ad spend
23% increase in post engagements
18% increase in conversion rate
12% increase in amount of purchases

19% decrease in cost per post engagement
10% decrease in cost per purchase

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For more information, contact:
Bianca Rior, Content Editor, Flowbox 



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