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Bergère de France sees large boost in community engagement thanks to UGC

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Bergère de France sees large boost in community engagement thanks to UGC

As a family company based in Lorraine, France since 1946, Bergère de France has become a leader in the European market of knitting yarn and DIY fields. The wool mill started working with Flowbox one year ago, and their community hasn’t stopped growing ever since. User generated content appeared as a way to interact with a community as creative as Bergère de France’s, and it enabled them to significantly increase the use of their #bergeredefrance hashtag on Instagram.

Bergère de France’s community has always been engaging with their brand on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. However, their use of their customers’ content was limited because they didn’t have an efficient tool to gather, moderate and distribute it within their digital communication strategy. This is when Bergère de France turned to Flowbox. “During the redesigning of our e-commerce website last year, we were looking for a creation and leisure-oriented solution. Share pictures of our products being used, or designs made from them, supports the purchase whilst inspiring the users. Flowbox enables this interaction with the community,” says Clara Gallée Poinen, Community Manager at Bergère de France.

With Flowbox, the Lorraine-based company was able to leverage their customers’ content on the one hand, and to promote their community on the other hand. “It’s a great way to give a shot to those who support us, have something to show, and create their own design,” declares Clara Gallée Poinen.

Meanwhile, a project featuring independent designers is being set up; Bergère de France provides them with the necessary equipment so that they can create designs that will be sold on the website, through which the designers will gain commission. In addition, the marketing team is working on reposting video content in order to make the website even more dynamic and inspiring.

Clara explains that she and her team were very pleased with the onboarding process thanks to Flowbox Customer Success Manager Pauline Rillié, and that using the platform is a real time-saver for her. She merely dedicates one hour per week to moderating the user generated content.

“Our aim is to centralize the inspirational content from our community, as well as our own content, and then to redistribute it on our community page. This way, our customers can have access to each of our social media’s updates in only one page without leaving the website. It enables us to significantly increase the time spent on our website”, says Clara Gallée Poinen.

The advantage of using Flowbox for Bergère de France is to implement and make user generated content shoppable on their website as well as the ability to easily and regularly feed the pages with new content. It’s easy to redesign the different flows’ style so that they match the brand’s strategy and aesthetic criteria.

In less than a year, Bergère de France has noticed an important improvement of content management, with the posts of both their own account and those of their community. The key of this efficiency lies in centralizing all the features that are necessary to their strategy as far as UGC goes in one tool.

In only a year, 5 000 new fans have joined their Instagram community. “With Flowbox, we can follow and analyze their engagement on all our channels”, says Clara Gallée Poinen.

The tool enabled the wool mill brand to gather content, of which the quality hasn’t stopped increasing since, to distribute on their website and allow users to draw inspiration from other customers’ achievements. The customer base is more loyal and the community is stronger than ever.

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