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Flowboxer of the month – June 2021: Villages Club du Soleil

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Flowboxer of the month – June 2021: Villages Club du Soleil

Are you as curious and excited as we are about the next winner of Flowboxer of the month competition? Well, as summertime is here, and all of us want to go on vacation, we thought that this month’s theme should be tourism

We had so many outstanding nominations, but in the end, there could only be one winner… and the prize is going to…. Villages Club du Soleil.

Founded in 1960 as a non-profit organization, the French family vacation firm Villages Club du Soleil have an innovative and praise-worthy approach to the tourism sector. They are fully committed to social responsibility in a way that respects their local communities and environment. At Villages Club du Soleil, every activity is put into place with careful consideration of this core value.

This is not the first time that we have seen our clients promoting their resorts through UGC (it's a great way to include this social proof!). But, Villages Club du Soleil stood out because this is the first time that a toggle button has become so powerful. In this very user-friendly way, visitors can see relevant, authentic images by season in just one click. 

How does it work? Once a visitor lands on a Villages Club du Soleil destination page, they have the option to choose either the winter or summer icon, resulting in totally different content displayed on the page. Selecting images with different color palettes and with different seasonal activities is a very creative, easy and effective way to give their website a dynamic and fresh look. With the help of Flowbox, Villages Club du Soleil is generating a unique experience for their audience - whether they be hikers or skiers! 

This is what the button and the two different Flows look like onsite:

We love both the idea and execution of this simple yet powerful feature. We are so proud to be working with Villages Club du Soleil and it is more than exciting to see further innovative ways to display UGC just like this! Don’t hesitate to contact our team to get help in making the most out of your Flows.

Congratulations on becoming our Flowboxer of the month for June.

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