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Flowbox product news February 2021

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Flowbox product news February 2021

We are always working on innovative solutions to make the Flowbox platform more intelligent and valuable for our clients.

Flowbox is rapidly growing and we are continuously investing in new features and updates for an easier and more optimized experience on our platform.

One of the new innovative features that we have launched is UGC DPA.

Using the new UGC DPA feature, users can automatically replace traditional white background product images in dynamic product ads with authentic photos created by their customers in a real-life environment. The feature is integrated with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger as a first step. Other feed-based channels could be added later.

Since launching UGC DPA in late 2020, we have continued to improve the feature, with three key updates:

1. Flowscore in UGC DPA. The proprietary statistical algorithm that helps optimize Flows, creating a unique and dynamic sorting based on what content performs best, is now integrated with UGC DPA.

2. Additional distribution channel: Criteo. Now you have the opportunity to generate a UGC DPA feed specifically for Criteo to unlock your potential with user generated content in their advertising space.

3. CSV format. We have now added support for CSV format as input to UGC DPA.

Additional product updates include a fresh new look to the Social Insights menu as well as an enhanced post view, giving users more data to base their marketing strategy on.

Monthly updates from the Flowbox tech team are now available in our Support Center.

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